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Kaz Jones
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Kaz is the Broker/President of HARBOR PROPERTY INC. She exhibits a high level of integrity and a gift for fulfilling client's expectations and providing them unmatched service. Having lived on both coasts, as well as Japan, Kaz understands the importance of being comfortable wherever you are. After graduating with an MA (her second) from the University of Pennsylvania, Kaz went on to build highly successful businesses in Japan for nearly 15 years before moving with her family to the Bay area. She made her first house sale the very day she got her Realtor ® license and since then has developed an impressive sales record throughout the Bay area-and enjoyed every minute of it. Kaz has been able to apply her fine business sense to the local real estate market, making sure every step of the way that the best interests of her clients are being served. Her sharp mind, attention to detail, commitment to representing her client's best interests will serve you well through every step of the real estate buying and selling process. The moment you meet her you will know Kaz cares about you. In her spare time, Kaz enjoys sailing, traveling, volunteering, and playing the piano.

HARBOR PROPERTY INC 1258 12th Ave #4 San Francisco CA 94122 415 777 3477
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